Morrissey Thanks Fans, Attacks Everyone Else in Open Letter

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 08.06.14 in News

Oh Morrissey, Morrissey, Morrissey; you never know when to sit things out, do you? How else to explain the latest overtly candid open letter from the mope-rock icon to the rest of us peons? Beginning with a big up to social media sources and three unofficial “World Peace Is None Of Your Business” videos, the former Smiths frontman spends several paragraphs telling us why “the world is leaderless” and nine countries in particular — Israel, Chile, Sweden, Poland, Argentina, Hungary, Romania, Finland and Italy — seem to dig what he does more than all those fair weather fans in the U.S. and UK.

“It is 30 years on since The Smiths album entered the UK chart at number 2 with zero airplay and zero promotion,” he writes, “and the struggle for the airwaves remains difficult. Yet, I am writing this to you now, and you are reading it.

He continues, “In answer to many people who have asked, I should like to finally make it clear that I have not received any television invitations – worldwide! – to either discuss World Peace Is None Of Your Business, or even to sing any songs from the album … All we have is each other.”

Well alright then. Have a look at the unofficial videos Morrissey is more happy with than his label down below, and if you’re in Lisbon, Portugal, guess what? Morrissey is taking a break from canceling entire tour legs to play a show in your parts on October 6…