Mogwai Ready Expanded ‘Come on Die Young’ Reissue

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 04.10.14 in News

It may be hard to believe given how long they’ve been doing that whole peak/valley post-rock thing, but Mogwai cracked the UK’s Top 10 chart for the first time with Rave Tapes earlier this year. And with that renewed interest comes a reissue we’ll actually welcome with open arms: Come On Die Young, a 15-year-old effort that’s one of the more subtle listens in Mogwai’s considerable back catalog, a slow-burner that’s nowhere near as demonic as its album art. Due out June 16 through Chemikal Underground, the 4-LP/2-CD pressing includes 17 bonus tracks, from rare demoes to the rightfully adored Travels In Constants EP.

Check out a full breakdown below, along with a FACT-premiered alternate take on “Ex Cowboy”…

Mogwai - 'Come on Die Young' reissue

Mogwai, Come On Die Young Reissue (Chemikal Underground, June 16):
1. Punk Rock:
2. Cody
3. Helps Both Ways
4. Year 2000 Non-Compliant Cardia
5. Kappa
6. Waltz For Aidan
7. May Nothing But Happiness Come
8. Through Your Door
9. Oh! How The Dogs Stack Up
10. Ex Cowboy
11. Chocky
12. Christmas Steps
13. Punk Rock/Puff Daddy/Antichrist

1. Nick Drake
2. Waltz For Aidan (Chem19 Demo)
3. Rollerball (Chem19 Demo)
4. Cody (Cava Sessions)
5. Ex Cowboy (Cava Sessions)
6. Spoon Test (Cava Sessions)
7. Punk Rock: (Cava Sessions)
8. Helicon 2 (Cava Church Live)
9. Satchel Panzer (Cava Sessions)
10. Kappa (Cava Church Live)
11. Untitled (Travels In Constants EP)
12. Quiet Stereo Dee (Travels In Constants EP)
13. Arundel (Travels In Constants EP)
14. Helps Both Ways (Original Version)
15. Hugh Dallas