Top of the Morning: Miley Cyrus Will Design Your Next Tattoo, Kanye West Crashed AAHH! Fest and More

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 09.22.14 in News

Greetings! Top of the Morning is your daily AM news round-up. We paid attention over the weekend and gathered relevant tidbits to share over that first cup of coffee.

It turns out that Kanye West has been teaching fashion courses at L.A. Trade Technical College as part of the 250 hours of community service he was sentenced to for attacking a paparazzo in 2013. Other class topics include how onstage rants differ from on-camera rants, Kim Kardashian’s changing style through the years and the best way to wear leather pants. West also crashed Chicago’s AAHH! Fest last night while rocking a pair of perfectly torn jeans. (He’ll demonstrate that style move in class later this week.)

A statue of Eleanor Rigby made of £1 million worth of old bank notes is now on display at the Museum of Liverpool, because there’s no better way to prove we’re money-grubbing jerks than to show it’s all just a bunch of useless paper at the end of the day.

Dave Grohl paid tribute to former GWAR frontman Dave “Oderus Urungus” Brockie on September 17 when the Foo Fighters played a show in Brockie’s hometown of Richmond, Virginia. It turns out it was a smart move on Grohl’s part because GWAR drummer Jizmak Da Gusha was waiting for him backstage with every intention of doing the Foo Fighters’ frontman bodily harm. When they weren’t plotting the deaths of other musicians, GWAR took the time to announce the addition of their newest member Vulvatron last week.

If you’re a huge Miley Cyrus fan in the market for a new tattoo and have $10,000 cash on hand, then no worries. You can pay the singer to design your newest inked addition in support of the charity My Friend’s Place. The donation will also score you a T-shirt and some temporary tattoos. Any hey, maybe if you’re lucky Cyrus will also pop up to administer the tattoo herself. Cross fingers!