Michael Jackson Estate Promises Up to Eight More Albums

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 06.10.14 in News

Don’t worry; Xscape — tomb-exhuming, Timberlake-featuring Michael Jackson record Barry Walters reviewed (rather favorably, we might add) last month — is not the last King of Pop LP. According to Rolling Stone, the singer’s estate has as many as eight albums worth of “outtakes and repackaged material” ready. Or as Xscape producer Rodney Jerkins put it, “We got more surprises coming.”

“It was frequent that Michael would record songs and put them on the shelf,” added Jackson’s longtime engineer, Matt Forger, referring to the perfectionist streak that marked every one of his records. How many extra songs exactly? Sony’s former CEO, Tommy Mottola, has mentioned up to 30 pieces of previously unreleased music per album.

“Hopefully, we’ll all have a chance to hear them,” Jerkins said.

Whether fans actually want to hear them remains to be seen. While he remains the world’s highest-grossing posthumous pop star, recent efforts like Xscape‘s lead single have seen a precipitous drop in sales soon after their release. Either way, it’s hard to ignore the $702 million in back taxes and penalties Jackson’s estate still owes the IRS. It’s enough to almost make you forget this Blade Runner b-roll footage…