Mark Kozelek’s New Song for the War on Drugs, Coming at You on Monday

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 10.03.14 in News

Mark Kozelek has already challenged the War on Drugs to onstage battle and the Sun Kil Moon singer is determined to prove he’s serious when it comes to this ongoing feud.

According to a note on the Sun Kil Moon website, a new song called “War on Drugs: Suck My Cock” will be streaming at 9 p.m. PST on Monday, October 6.

If you’re just now learning of Kozelek’s campaign against the War on Drugs, let us catch you up. It all started at the Ottawa Folk Festival last month when the War on Drugs’ set bled over into Kozelek’s and he verbally attacked them from the stage. He later posted a halfhearted explanation regarding his statements on the Sun Kil Moon website, clarifying afterward that it was not an apology, before issuing the aforementioned challenge. He dared the band to let him join them onstage at the Filmore on October 6. It looks like when the War on Drugs didn’t issue a response, Kozelek decided to release the song that night instead.

All of this was after the incident even earlier in September when Kozelek referred to the crowd as “fucking hillbillies” at Hopscotch Festival. He then turned the statement into a new tee-shirt for the merch-table.

There’s still been no word from the War on Drugs’ camp regarding Kozelek’s new song. They’re probably hiding out somewhere, perplexed as to how they incurred the wrath of this middle-aged singer for no particular reason whatsoever.

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