Madonna, Chance the Rapper and Mike Tyson’s “Iconic” Surfaces

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 02.03.15 in News

Madonna‘s leak troubles appear to be continuing. After an album’s worth of unfinished demos surfaced, the pop icon rush-released an EP and detailed her March 10 album Rebel Heart; meanwhile, Israeli police have arrested a man whose suspect crimes match up with the leak. Now, the most striking piece of the Rebel Heart tracklist — “Iconic,” featuring Chicago’s sublimely gifted Chance the Rapper and, believe it or not, the former heavyweight boxing champ Mike Tyson —  has emerged online. It’s booming, wubby club-pop with blandly motivational lyrics from the Material Girl (“What you want is just within your reach/ But you gotta practice what you preach”), an appealing-enough sing-song verse from Chance (who asks us to “put me in the schoolbook” but acknowledges that “they wanna turn you to a letter and a logo”) and gruff voice-overs from Tyson. Sayeth Madonna, “Just shine your light like a beautiful star.” Wouldn’t it be great if she brings out these two guests at the Grammys, though?

To hear Madonna rhyme “iconic” with “ironic” in a way that may or may not be iconic or ironic, head over to Fake Shore Drive (via Fader).