Luaka Bop Announce 25th Anniversary, William Onyeabor Box Set

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 09.24.14 in News

Rather than hold a simple 25th anniversary concert, Luaka Bop has announced several major events and releases over the next couple months. First up: a downtown takeover on October 1-3, as Javelin, Delicate Steve, Janka Nabay and Kings Go Forth unveil one-night-only sets outside New York’s Mmuseumm, followed by after parties at the Italian restaurant Forlini’s and the dive-y karaoke spot Winnie’s Bar.

“All the talks and performances will be short and sweet and over before you know it,” the label writes. “They will also be happening in the back seat of a 1989 Chrysler LeBaron Convertible, which may or may not have belonged to Jon Voight! There will also be things made by David Byrne and you will get to meet the living legend that is Sparkie Martin!”

If that sounds a little too intimate for you, there’s always the Atomic Bomb! Who Is William Onyeabor show that’s set to happen on October 4 as part of Central Park’s Modern Sky Festival. Much like the sold-out tribute concerts that happened at BAM last spring, the night will highlight the synth-laced music of reclusive Nigerian artist William Onyeabor, as interpreted by Jamie Lidell, Alexis Taylor (Hot Chip), Money Mark, Peaking Lights, Dead Prez, Pharaoh Sanders and South Africa’s Mahotella Queens.

And if that’s not enough, Byrne’s imprint will press a collection of Onyeabor’s entire discography on November 18, as spread over nine CDs and two separate vinyl box sets. Check out the complete rundown of that below, along with one of its bonus remixes.

William Onyeabor Box Set (1)

Vinyl Box 1:
Crashes in Love (1):
1. Something You Will Never Forget
2. Ride On Baby
3. Crashes In Love
4. Heaven And Hell
5. Jungle Gods

Atomic Bomb:
1. Beautiful Baby
2. Better Change Your Mind
3. Atomic Bomb
4. Shame
5. I Need You All Life

1. Tomorrow
2. Why Go To War
3. Love Me Now
4. Fantastic Man
5. Try And Try

Great Lover:
1. Tell Me What You Want
2. Great Lover
3. Love Is Blind
4. I’ve Got Love

Anything You Sow:
1. When The Going Is Smooth & Good
2. This Kind of World
3. Anything You Sow
4. Everyday

A1. Atomic Bomb (radio edit)
B1. Love Me Right Now (Man Tear remix)

William Onyeabor Box Set (2)

Vinyl Box 2:
Body and Soul:

1. The Way To Win Your Love
2. Poor Boy
3. Body And Soul
4. Believe In God

Good Name:
1. Good Name
2. Let’s Fall In Love

Crashes in Love (2):
1. Something You’ll Never Forget
2. Ride On Baby
3. Crashes in Love
4. Heaven And Hell

1. The Moon And The Sun
2. Papa Na Mama
3. Hypertension
4. Politicians

A1. Body And Soul (Peaking Lights remix)
B1. William Onyeabor Speaking

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