Lost Aphex Twin LP Raises a LOT of Kickstarter Money

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 05.12.14 in News

Remember that unreleased Aphex Twin record — cut under Richard D. James’s long dormant Caustic Window alias — we mentioned last month? Well it’s raised $67,424 on Kickstarter, far surpassing its original goal of $9,300.

“Who would have thought such a crazy idea would have reached these heights?” the campaign’s organizers wrote in an update today. “A huge heartfelt thanks to everyone who made this happen, and it’s good to know Richard’s music is still appreciated by a wide range of people, all over the world.”

What happens now, you ask? Well, the folks behind We Are the Music Makers are going to get the secret white label that surfaced on Discogs digitally mastered and distributed for their Kickstarter backers, then send whatever money is left over to James and his Rephlex imprint. As originally intended, no official CD or LP release will follow this official digital one, so your only chance of hearing this music is a leak from one of WATMM’s supporters or one of the following YouTube rips (two of the album’s 16 tracks landed on compilations over the years)…