Longtime Modest Mouse Photographer Releases New Book

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 10.08.14 in News

“Isaac [Brock] had all these crazy ideas, and I was totally into capturing them,” longtime Modest Mouse photographer Pat Graham told the FADER in a story this week, referring to a friendship was forged when the pair was roommates.

It’s not intentional but Graham’s powerHouse-published Modest Mouse book is very much an extension of the vinyl reissues we mentioned last month — a reminder of how the indie rock icons went from couch-surfing and sleeping in vans to headlining arenas. It’s also much more visceral due to its career-spanning visual component, which will be on display at London’s House of Vans from November 27 to December 12.

As for whether Graham has run into Brock recently — the guy’s been pretty reclusive outside of the occasional tour — he said, “Sometimes [the two of us] will go a year, two years, three years, not even seeing each other. Then I’ll see him and we’ll be hanging out for a month straight, 24 hours a day. Or I’ll see him randomly and it’s the same as the last time I saw him. As far as bittersweet moments go, those first couple Modest Mouse tours that I went on, the last day I was just crushed. I remember being very upset at the end of the first couple tours, like, not even being able to take a picture and just being very, very sad. I’m not very good at saying goodbye.”

Check out more shots from Graham’s book here and a 7-inch selection from Modest Mouse’s upcoming reissues below.