Long Shelved Eve Single Leaks, Featuring Madonna and Pharrell

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 08.18.14 in News

Back in 2007, Eve ran into some label trouble that led her XXL-reviewed Here I Am LP to get delayed, scrapped by Interscope, renamed — twice — and eventually released as an independent record (Lip Lock) with completely different songs six years later.

“One of the biggest things that I wanted to do on this album was make people realize why they fell in love with me in the first place,” she told Billboard early last year, “and then take them on a journey to where I am now musically. My ear is different but I think people will recognize me. I think you’ll hear that I’m in a happy place. I miss my music. My hunger is different than the first time around.”

Now Vibe has word of one major shelved single from the singsongy Here I Am sessions. A collaboration with Madonna that was originally intended for the Material Girl’s own Hard Candy album, “The Beat Is So Crazy” is a Pharrell production featuring his usual finger-snap hooks and smoothed-over melodies. It’s not the punchiest number, but it’s certainly an interesting look at where Eve may have been going with her fourth album originally…