Zola Jesus, “Dangerous Days – The Juan MacLean Remix”

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 09.03.14 in Listen to This

Zola Jesus is set to release sophomore album (and Mute debut) Taiga next month, so you’d think that Nika Roza Danilova might like to bestow another single upon her audience as the season dwindles to a close. Instead, she’s chosen to whet our appetites by presenting remixes of summer smash “Dangerous Days.”

First she recruited James Chapman of Maps to play with the synths, soften the edges and make it shimmer. Now she’s snagged the Juan MacLean, whose new album In a Dream is out on September 16 via DFA Records, to take the track for a spin.

In the remix, Maclean extends the original four minute song to just over seven minutes. By almost doubling its length and downplaying Danilova’s vocals in favor of a strong, dominant drumbeat, we’ve got less of a battle-cry and more of a pulsing, persistent reminder of hope.

Don’t forget to check out Marc Hogan’s interview with “Dangerous Days” director, Tim Saccenti, as you’re listening.

Taiga will be released on October 7 via Mute Records.