Youth Code, “Consuming Guilt”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 08.08.14 in Listen to This

Nostalgia runs in cycles and I, for one, am glad we’ve hit the part of the cycle where we get way back into Front 242. Or if not Front 242, exactly, then Youth Code, the LA duo of Sara Taylor and Ryan George who write punishing, physical songs built around the primitive thwack of a drum machine and twitchy synth arpeggios. “Consuming Guilt,” from the forthcoming A Place to Stand is a monster, a big, brooding song where the hammering keyboards are interrupted by the sound of breaking glass and huge synthetic steam-engine whoosh-es. There’s not anger at the core of the song as much as contempt. Taylor hisses and howls her lyrics, and the heaving synths are the sound of big steel walls, slowly closing in.