xxxy, “Clocks”

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 08.25.14 in Listen to This

Giving us a taste of his follow-up to 2013′s Got Me So EP, Manchester-based producer Rupert Taylor, better known to us as xxxy, released new single “Clocks” last week.

The track begins with the ticking of (what else?) a clock, before it quickly blends and fades away into cheery, repetitious melodies.

The song’s circular motion leaves the listener with the impression that time is starting to bend inward upon itself before it ends in a bright, fizzy burst. You’re able to lose yourself in its lulling sense of comfort while swaying ever-so slightly to the beat. Taylor provides a simple, understated listen that shimmers with quiet calm; invoking a tentative, if temporary, sense of relief from the daily grind.