Willow Smith, “Easy, Easy” (King Krule Cover)

Claire Lobenfeld

By Claire Lobenfeld

on 09.05.14 in Listen to This

“Whip My Hair” this is not. Certainly, no one is expecting gummi bear-high pop from Willow Smith anymore. Earlier this year, she and brother Jaden, Kylie Jenner and Moises Arias (AKA MONEY-GRUBBING RICO FROM HANNAH MONTANA) founded The Orgonite Society, a “secret society” that, from what it looks like on Instagram, is just a bunch of under-21s making weird crystals in their oven and pretending to read sex books. So why have I wasted all this time rolling my eyes at a 13-year old? (Shameful behavior on my end, really.) To assure you that this cover of King Krule’s 2013 single “Easy, Easy” is totally something Willow is capable of killing. The song may be the least R&B-informed cut from 6 Feet Beneath The Moon, but Willow manages to somehow keep it both Billy Bragg-lite while thoroughly dousing in hippie-soul. It makes me want a Saint Heron comp of the Essex punk’s finer works. Kelela covering “Levi Stubbs’ Tears”? Gimme now.