Wiley, “On A Level”

Louis Pattison

By Louis Pattison

International Editor
on 09.25.14 in Listen to This

You can split Wiley singles into two distinct categories: the pop-house crossover tracks launched at the upper echelons of the UK chart (“Wearing My Rolex”, “Heatwave”), and his more low-key releases on Big Dada, which cleave close to the grime sound he did more than anyone to invent. “On A Level” is the latter, and a straight banger in the bargain. The beat is a perky bounce in the vein of classic Wiley riddims like “Igloo”, and the bars are endearingly erratic, zig-zagging between scud missiles and the British budget supermarket Lidl, plus a third verse delivered with the cool acumen of a financial advisor: “Try not to spend until you’ve made it / Just live within your means innit.”