The Weeknd, “Often (iLL BLU remix)”

Louis Pattison

By Louis Pattison

International Editor
on 09.01.14 in Listen to This

UK funky was a twist in the hardcore continuum that never quite became fully manifest, a volatile blend of grime, house and carnival rhythms that for all its compelling rhythmic qualities, neither totally bedded down in the clubs nor gained broader hipster approval. Perhaps it’s getting another shot, though. Darius Forde and James Grant – who, as London production duo iLL BLU, crafted a classic in Princess Nyah’s “Frontline” and cut 12″s for Hyperdub and Numbers – have signed a new deal with Island Records, and are back with this gem: an official remix of Abel Tesfaye’s ennui-heavy paean to closed-blinds debauchery that retools the original along grimy house lines.