Viet Cong, “Continental Shelf”

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 10.15.14 in Listen to This

The death of Women guitarist Christopher Reimer didn’t knock the rest of the group off course so much as imbue their next projects with an inescapable sense of urgency. Take Viet Cong, for instance, the quartet bassist/singer Matt Flegel and drummer Mike Wallace formed with two close friends (guitarist Danny Christiansen and Scott Munro, a live guitarist for Chad VanGaalen) in 2012. While they’re still riding high on the strength of last summer’s Mexican Summer EP, the band just announced their debut album on Jagjaguwar. Due out January 20, the self-titled LP has already made its presence known with its sinister lead single “Continental Shelf.” Between its crunchy “Be My Baby” beat, cauterized power chords and groove-laden bass lines, it’s left us wishing people would file their year-end think pieces and let us get on with 2015 already.