Vaniish, “Fragment/Fatigue”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 06.10.14 in Listen to This

You can locate Vaniish’s sound at the point where the flat, insistent throb of post-punk disappears into the weightless hurtle of shoegaze. Drum machines tick; guitars pick into vapor trails of reverb effects, and Kevin Tecon’s voice declaims his dread in Shakesapearean tones. The San Francisco four-piece contains members of the bands Soft Moon and Wax Idols, so the doomy boudoir vibe comes naturally: “Fragment/Fatigue,” built around a martial tattoo of a rhythm, tightens like a nausea headache. RIYL: The Cure’s “Killing An Arab,” Joy Division, the slippery feel of clammy sweat inside your closed palm.