Truthers, “Calm Canaries”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 05.16.14 in Listen to This

What stands out first about the new single from New York’s Truthers is how warped everything sounds: the synths wobble like a heat-baked record, the guitars crackle like they were recorded on a chewed-up cassette. “Calm Canaries” has the same rollicking bop-and-swagger as turn-of-the-century good-time buzz-binners like “Last Nite,” but Truthers take all of the identifying characteristics of songs like that — the anxious guitars, the triumphant vocal hook, the big crescendo at the ending — and submerge them in a kind of gluey aural epoxy. The result has it both ways: a big, booming rocker covered in enough gunk to keep it off of the radio.