Trust Fund, “Cut Me Out”

Tess Duncan

By Tess Duncan

on 11.25.14 in Listen to This

“Cut Me Out” starts off with Ellis Jones’ lackadaisical falsetto easing through a poignant refrain: “Say whatever you want about her/ she never cut me out.” From there Jones’ voice sinks into the background as understated but resolute drums underscore a screwy, throbbing chord progression. At the minute mark, Trust Fund bursts into a fuzzy, hook-filled clamor reminiscent of ’90s Saves the Day, specifically their penchant for distortion-soaked pop-punk choruses. But the U.K. band pulls back to spotlight a mid-tempo bass line that jumps between hiccupping drum smacks. Trust Fund ends the track on a high note, plunging headfirst into a tidal wave of melodic garage-rock abandon and layers of restless, youthful vocals.

Trust Fund’s album No One’s Coming For Us is out via Turnstile Music in February.