Tredici Bacci, “Carina Botto”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 04.16.14 in Listen to This

Sounding like the lost soundtrack to a late ’70s Italian sex comedy, “Carina Botto” from 14-piece Boston group Tredici Bacci is as sleek and fluid and colorful as a leisure suit. That’s surprising, given that the conductor at the helm of the Tredici Bacci is Simon Haines, bassist for the atom-bomb noise-jazz combo Guerilla Toss. None of that anarchism is on display here — “Carino Botto” is beautifully-arranged: choral voices swoop in to echo the melodic theme, brass winks and grins like a dapper stranger, and the entire song feels shot through with pale Mediterranean sun. It’s as simultaneously sparkling and chintzy as a piece of plastic costume jewelry. The song is in advance of an equally-great full-length being issued on the reliable NNA Tapes label, who provide good reasons to dig your cassette deck out of storage on a monthly basis.