TOKiMONSTA, “Steal My Attention”

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 08.29.14 in Listen to This

“I am going through some tough shit right now,” TOKiMONSTA wrote on her Soundcloud yesterday, “and all that makes me happy is that I can bring other people music that may help them in some way.”

That pain is clear in the production of “Steal My Attention,” a mid-tempo single that soars on the back of sped-up R&B samples, several head-encircling hooks, and beats that toss and turn like someone who hasn’t slept for days. Between its shattered heart and the slow-burn of last month’s Anderson Paak feature “Realla,” TOKiMONSTA’s upcoming Desiderium album is clearing shaping up to be a solemn yet satisfying affair — a downcast listen you can dance to, and yet another example of just how well-rounded this rising LA musician is.