Tim Woulfe, “Presence”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 08.27.14 in Listen to This

Tim Woulfe is a 21-year-old from Providence whose been recording spidery ambient pop songs for a few years, ones full of shadow and implication. “Presence,” from his forthcoming EP of the same name, drifts past in a calm, medicated haze, Woulfe’s small voice moving through a vast fog of floating guitar tones. You can hear an affinity for Phil Elverum, in the way that all the track elements seem to be whispering to one another anxiously, and in Woulfe’s own gee-shucks presence in the songs themselves. You can also hear ghosts of MBV and Slowdive in the pitch-bent guitars and the female vocals deep in the background. Woulfe’s smudgy fingerprint on the song feels unique, though.

The full Presence EP will be available digitally on Sept 23, and will be available on cassette on November 7.