Tiger Dare, “Morning After Morning”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 04.29.14 in Listen to This

Tiger Dare’s “Morning After Morning,” from their recently released Wires Over, Wired In EP, moves with the urgency of a Japanese lantern, pushed with one finger across the water. The band plays slowcore, with the twin guitars pushed beneath miles of reverb so that the original sound and the echo sink softly together. Henry Freedland’s vocals prickle your ears like breath on neck hairs: “After magazines, he puts nouns and verbs into perfect streams, ” he croons, slowly, his voice gathering into a pool at the base of the mix. The snare hits punctuate the song’s surface like semi-colons, not so much keeping time and reminding us, drowsily, that it’s slipping fluidly around us. Then, in the last minute, the tempo slightly quickens, a catch of breath that builds to the song’s close. A graceful, liquid song, and an excellent reason to lie down in the middle of the afternoon.