Steve Adamyk Band, “Crash Course in Therapy”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 05.30.14 in Listen to This

With each successive record, Ottowa punks the Steve Adamyk Band have reliably delivered the tried-and-true punk rock combination of mile-a-minute rhythms, careening guitars and breathless vocals and, at first pass, “Crash Course in Therapy” doesn’t appear to veer too far from their charted course. The first single from the forthcoming Dial Tone, it rockets forward for all of 97 seconds before going out in a burst of white flame. But a close listen reveals refinements: a newer understanding of guitar harmonics, vocals that work against the rhythm as often as with it and a chorus that divebombs instead of blissfully ascending. It may exist within the same general universe as all of the band’s songs, but the attack is sharper, the descent more intense.