Sleepyhead, “Red Letter Daze”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 04.01.14 in Listen to This

In the future, everyone will be famous, every 15 years or so. OK, “famous” may be pushing it. But it’s hard to think of another time in pop history when so many resurrected bands from yesteryear were competing for the same ears and airspace as newer, younger bands. If there’s any band that actually deserves to benefit from reactivation, it’s New York’s Sleepyhead, who recorded a trio of immaculate fuzz-pop full-lengths for the legendary Homestead records in the ’90s and a final, self-released album in ’03 before going quiet for a full 11 years. Incredibly, they’re back, and “Red Letter Daze,” from the forthcoming Wild Sometimes show is full of the same timid pop grace and winter-wool-blanket guitars that characterized their strongest moments. It might not win them a host of new converts, but it’s sure to warm the hearts of all of the old ones.