Sinkane, “Hold Tight”

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 08.27.14 in Listen to This

Sudanese-born Ahmed Gallab is known for working with artists such as Yeasayer, and also as a touring drummer for bands like of Montreal and Caribou. But under the moniker Sinkane, he’s set to release his second LP Mean Love.

In single “Hold Tight,” the funky bass line, the seductive pace, and Gallab’s silky vocals are designed to mesmerize us in a wash of promises and piqued curiosity. He’s disarming our defenses.

The song is all about the pull, the give and take, of attraction. One minute, your lover is promising to succumb to you and lay at your feet. The next, he entices you, beckons you forward, with the continuous refrain “if you want me, come get me.”

You can be his angel, he’ll be your ghost. He will disappear and reappear in the game of sexual intrigue that you’re playing.

Mean Love is out on September 2 via DFA Records.