SIINAI, “Shopping Trance”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 04.24.14 in Listen to This

On paper, it sounds like the setup to a misguided Portlandia sketch: A Finnish psych-prog band convene to make a concept record about supermarkets. But though the premise may seem shaky, the results are spectacular. SIINAI’s music recalls the moment in the mid ’70s when psych and krautrock and prog were all dancing around each other, borrowing the things they fancied and rejecting the rest. “Shopping Trance” has prog’s shimmering, aurora borealis synths, krautrock’s steady chug and psych’s gentle waves of sound. But the combined effect is spellbinding, similar to the music Franco Falsini was making with Sensations Fix. Oddly enough, it perfectly captures the otherworldly, bathed-in-neon feel of the grocery store — the uneasy surrealism of the everyday.