Shmohawk, “Believe It’s Done”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 06.13.14 in Listen to This

When you call your band Shmohawk, you do grievous harm to those who wish to champion you. Maybe Schmohawk know this; maybe they conceived their name while giggling at the thought of anyone having to say it out loud. In their defense, 1) The name is a probably a reference to a throwaway Curb Your Enthusiasm gag, and 2) They make excellent power pop, like “Believe It’s Done.” Describing a power-pop song is a bit like describing mashed potatoes—if you are an aficionado, you already know exactly what’s there; you only need to know if it’s done well. “Believe It’s Done”, from the rolling open-stringed chord progression to the seamless verse-chorus-verse transitions to slightly limp drum hits, is spot on. You expect wry charm and a sense of cheerful sadness from a good power-pop tune, and “Believe It’s Done” delivers both.