Sharon Van Etten, “Our Love (The Juan MacLean Remix)”

Lindsay Hood

By Lindsay Hood

on 10.01.14 in Listen to This

Give The Juan MacLean a song to remix and I’ll probably end up digging it. I loved what they did with Zola Jesus’s “Dangerous Days” last month.

Recently duo John MacLean and Nancy Whang visited another of my favorite records from this year; Sharon Van Etten’s Are We There.

They take the contemplative feel of “Our Love” and layer it with slow-building synths to give the track some breathing space. The pace allows the existential burn of Van Etten’s angst to really settle under your skin while you contemplate the circumstances of the story. Is this couple breaking up? Was infidelity involved? The remix adds an intense, physical level to the original version that makes your heart pound in time to the beat, heavy and laden with indecision.