Salt Cathedral, “Holy Soul”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 09.02.14 in Listen to This

Juliana Ronderos and Nicolas Losada are Salt Cathedral, a Brooklyn-based, Colombia-hailing duo making quizzical and serene electro-pop with a club heart beating at its center. “Holy Soul,” off their Oom Velt EP, has a murmuring vocal sample coursing through its veins: “Our hearts forget this time,” Losada murmurs. The song itself is a promise not to let that happen: “We won’t let our hearts forget this time,” she declares, her voice cutting gracefully cross the song’s landscape like fins flashing in water. The song moves in irregular, graceful surges, with small bursts of static and a battery of tactile, hand-sized percussion noises dotting the song’s edges, bunching up in wrinkles that Losada’s aquamarine voice smoothes.