Roomrunner, “Chrono Trigger”

Tess Duncan

By Tess Duncan

on 09.04.14 in Listen to This

Maybe it was all the Nirvana comparisons, maybe it was DC producer J. Robbins or maybe it was just restlessness, but Roomrunner is making definite changes on their new EP. Straight out of Baltimore (and notably emerging from now-defunct local bands Double Dagger and Yukon), singer-guitarist Denny Bowen lets his voice ring louder and clearer than ever on first single “Chrono Trigger.” Where most of Ideal Cities was soaked in ‘90s grunge, this track peels back even more layers of the more melodic cuts (“Wojtek,” “Snac Error”) from that record. Instead of relying on screeching feedback and more tumultuous noise, “Chrono Trigger” leans into conventional pop standards. It’s not a total 180, though. Fans will still find wiry power chords wriggling their way through an uproar of battering drums, but this time Bowen is mutter-singing a surprisingly infectious hook.