Rome Fortune, “Lights Low” (produced by Four Tet)

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 07.11.14 in Listen to This

Rome FourTet is becoming a regular thing. Let’s hope it continues.

Slippery, exploratory Atlanta rapper Rome Fortune worked with a single producer on this year’s Beautiful Pimp 2 mixtape, the combo of confident rhymes and cloudy production suggesting an alternate-universe, Southern-street counterpart to Drake‘s Nothing Was the Same. Since then, the 25-year-old MC has already teamed up with another producer, Young Thug beat maker Dun Deal, for the five-song Drives, Thighs & Lies EP.

According to The Windish Agency, Fortune’s next album will be produced solely by spacey Grimes affiliate Blood Diamonds, but for now his most auspicious partnership has been with the mighty Four Tet, last seen producing an entire album for Neneh Cherry. The adventurous U.K. electronic artist first joined unpredictable forces with Fortune in May on “One Time For,” pairing the rapper’s charismatic, aspirational sing-song with airy restraint evoking classic Aphex Twin.

Now comes “Lights Low,” a busier track with rippling synths and free-flowing sex storytelling, but a no less replayable one. Fortune writes that it’s “track 2 of ?” between him and the musician born Kieran Hebden. They at least have to get to four, right?