Ricky Eat Acid, “p u l l (may15)”

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 07.15.14 in Listen to This

Even when Sam Ray tries a more conventional approach, it comes out warped and exhilarating. The Maryland-based Ricky Eat Acid mastermind mixed elements of pop and ambient on this year’s ethereal, emotive Three Love Songs (the first vinyl LP from Brooklyn’s Orchid Tapes), and he has already followed up with the busier, more playful Sun Over Hills EP. But new release “p u l l (may15),” out via Ryan Hemsworth‘s Secret Songs,  is the first Ricky Eat Acid track to use Ray’s own vocals, with his own tune and lyrics. He uses them much the way Three Love Songs does a YouTube cover of Drake‘s Take Care title track, filtering them with effects and piling up synth ripples until it’s a sun-melted, abstracted rollercoaster of color that just might leave you feeling the type of butterflies you’d get from — hey — traditional songwriting. Push, meet “p u l l.”

Read Ray and Hemsworth’s statements about the song over on SoundCloud, and have a listen below.