Raheem DeVaughn, “Queen”

Claire Lobenfeld

By Claire Lobenfeld

on 09.16.14 in Listen to This

Some of the standouts on Ghostface Killah’s wildly underrated Ghostdini: Wizard Of Poetry In Emerald City are because of D.C. R&B wailer Raheem DeVaughn. Autotuned and beat-boxing on baby-daddy-pride jam “Baby” or belting like a Motown session singer on its preamble “Do Over,” DeVaughn should have been able to crossover to a pop audience. Those songs are five years old, but worth bringing up in the context of “Queen,” the first single from DeVaughn’s upcoming album Love, Sex, and Passion (February 2015). The falsetto-laden thumper celebrates the idea of woman as life-bringer across the board. It’s the kind of thing you want to hear in the wake of Rihanna flipping out at CBS for taking “Run This Town” off Thursday night football for only a Baltimore Ravens game. If you are still waiting for the third D’Angelo LP or still knock Chico DeBarge’s Long Time, No See this is for you.