Rae Sremmurd, “No Type”

Claire Lobenfeld

By Claire Lobenfeld

on 08.27.14 in Listen to This

If there is one thing* you need to know about young Altanta-via-Mississippi duo Rae Sremmurd, it’s that they are the Kris Kross to Mike WiLL Made-It’s Jermaine Dupri. Comprised of brothers Slim Jimmy and Swae Lee, the two had a moderate hit on their hands this summer with “No Flex Zone,” a cut that makes you want to throw ‘bows in the club and in people’s faces at the same time. Nicki Minaj and Pusha T are fans, gifting the young rappers with their own respective remixes. (Justin Bieber favors the deep cuts.) Sremmurd is rounding out the summer with a much more low-key track, “No Type.” The hook is croony, the verses are padded with a ton of WiLL’s signature skittering percussion, and the whole thing is about loving all kinds of women, as long as they’re “bad bitches.” Don’t expect an “I Missed The Bus” from these two.

*Ok, ok. The more important things you need to know is that their name is pronounced “Ray Shrimmer” and the mnemonic devise to spell it right every time is to remember is “Ear Drummers.” (Yes, that dino-robot-sounding drop you ever on everything Mike WiLL made, as well as the name of his Interscope imprint.)