Punch, “Personal Space”

Tess Duncan

By Tess Duncan

on 08.22.14 in Listen to This

There’s something to be said for a power violence band as simultaneously sharp and head-throbbingly aggressive as Punch. With members of screamo act Loma Prieta on board, the San Franciscans have made a name for themselves in the hardcore scene and now they’ve released their fifth full-length, They Don’t Have to Believe. “Personal Space” thrashes viciously into your ears, with complex drumming and pounding breakdowns. Meghan O’Neil dives in with brute force, mercilessly screaming the weighty declaration “What’s mine is mine” and commanding you to shut up, listen and don’t fuck with her. At less than two minutes, “Personal Space” isn’t much of a departure from Punch’s previous releases, but their unmistakable, grinding fury is a blistering example of fastcore at its finest.