Pujol, “Dark Night in Shining Armor”

Tess Duncan

By Tess Duncan

on 09.17.14 in Listen to This

Pujol excels at making just plain fun rock ‘n’ roll. On their newest single, band leader Daniel Pujol drawls along to crackling guitar rhythms with a scuzzy, Southern cadence, cajoling you into forgetting your troubles and having a good time. With groovy arpeggios and rollicking drum patterns, “Dark Knight in Shining Armor” is driven by a brazen grit not unlike that of fellow Nashville garage-rockers Natural Child. Pujol churns out cleaner-sounding, freewheeling pop tunes, though, and playful, jumpy vocal changes only add to the feel-good ambiance they embrace. Reunited States of Being is out September 27th on Saddle Creek as part of Cassette Store Day.