The Proper Ornaments, “Summer’s Gone”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 05.05.14 in Listen to This

It takes a certain kind of wry sense of humor to release a song called “Summer’s Gone” at the beginning of May, but The Proper Ornaments — James Hoare of Veronica Falls, along with Max Claps, Daniel Nellis and Robert Syme — aren’t jokers. The lead single from the forthcoming Wooden Head has all the somnolent beauty of prime Clientele — languid guitars ripping beneath breathy, tender delivery. The peacefulness of the song belies the turbulence behind its creation: Claps’s previous band had collapsed and his parents were threatening to institutionalize him when he met Hoare, who was working at a vintage clothing store. The music they made together was a healing balm, bringing both closure and new life.