The Projects, “Set a Course for the Stars”

Amber Cowan

By Amber Cowan

on 04.15.14 in Listen to This

From 2001 until 2011, The Projects were one of London’s most endearing, enduring indie bands, a loose collective of musicians featuring members of Ladytron, Comet Sands, the Brian Jonestown Massacre and Bo Ningen, united by chief songwriter Graeme Wilson. Wilson, who suffered from multiple sclerosis, died in 2011 shortly before completing the fourth Projects album, Elektrichka’s Favourite Party Record; it was finished by his bandmates and is being released through Tip Top Recordings in May. “Set a Course for the Stars” is a dream vision song-story, reminiscent of Broadcast or Prolapse, in which Wilson’s voice is twinned with that of Mira Aroyo of Ladytron. Backed by flute and hypnotic motorik pings, it’s a piece of haunting, otherworldly pop that sounds like a cosmic missive from Krauter space.