Primetime, “Tied Down”

Tess Duncan

By Tess Duncan

on 08.20.14 in Listen to This

Primetime’s single creeped its way into my heart first and foremost because of vocalist Lucy Anstey’s filthily blunt chorus: “I want your body, not your mind/ Don’t wanna see you all the time/ Let me spit into your face/ And you can spit back in mine.” The British four-piece have only released a demo and a self-titled EP, but their bratty post-punk approach to these few songs is fiercely memorable. On the abrasive “Tied Down,” the ladies’ shouty gang vocals jump over distorted riffs and gritty, melodic chord progressions. Slightly less spastic than Kleenex but equally raucous, its spirit is magnetic. “Tied Down” pauses the in-your-face sadism for a moment to enjoy a sparse yet satisfying guitar solo, but quickly beckons its late-‘70s punk roots back into place for the finish line.