Plaids, “Twenty Two”

Louis Pattison

By Louis Pattison

International Editor
on 09.11.14 in Listen to This

Those nostalgic for the sound of Revolution Summer, that brief but influential flowering on the Washington, D.C. punk scene that spawned righteous and moral groups such as Rites of Spring and Ian MacKaye’s Embrace, will find much to love in Plaids. From Nottingham, U.K., they gesture both to the sound of D.C. ’85 — the intricate guitar constructions, the inventiveness, the raw, bright passion — and its relative high-mindedness: vocalist Joe Caithness writes about tackling depression via the cosmic optimism of Carl Sagan, whose Cosmos series is apparently a favorite on the Plaids tourbus. “Twenty Two” sounds like an old sound invested with new life; lightning caught in a bottle.