PHORK, “Contact”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 05.01.14 in Listen to This

Not a whole lot happens in “Contact,” the latest single from PHORK (short for People’s Higher Order of Royal Kinship, naturally.) The song opens with a low rumble — the kind you might here if you were locked in the trunk of a car that was cruising down the highway. Bass enters slowly, erratically, followed by a warped vocal that slowly reveals itself to be a severely manipulated sample of the word “Coffee” from a particularly weird scene in the Twin Peaks finale. Finally, tiny synths blink out a morse-code pattern over and over and over. The group’s stated intention is to make music using found sounds and field recordings to mimic the mundanity and routine of daily life, but what they’ve done on “Contact” is instead unveil the beauty lurking just beneath the surface.