Perfume Genius, “Thing”

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 11.18.14 in Listen to This

It’s a simple thing: Too-brightness characterizes Too Bright, Mike Hadreas’s third album as Perfume Genius, whether in the confrontational lyrics or the rich, dazzling arrangements, particularly as opposed to his sparser earlier work. “Thing,” a newly shared bonus track from the recording sessions for the album, first comes across as a potential outlier: quiet keyboard tones, a bit of ambient hiss. But a bassy reverberation makes clear this is in the same world as Too Bright, as does Hadreas when he repeatedly insists, “When we gonna do this thing, bitch?” Before it’s all over, “Thing” bursts out in the type of ornate cacophony found elsewhere on the album. It’s an Eminem-mocking T-shirt kind of thing.