Peaking Lights, “Breakdown”

Andrew Parks

By Andrew Parks

on 08.18.14 in Listen to This

These are dark days. A quick scan of any news feed or social media service confirms that. There’s several ways to address this musically. On one level, there’s the angry approach, filtering our collective frustration through blustery hooks and brutality. And on the other is fighting back with positivity — killing ‘em with kindness, and letting what little light is left shine through the shadows. This is the world Peaking Lights present on “Breakdown,” as Indra Dunis tries to “break free/ of all that haunts me” and Aaron Coyes serves up a steady digi-dub beat, cackling samples and melodies that mirror the surf and sand Dunis takes solace in. Let’s hope the rest of the couple’s Cosmic Logic LP (due out October 7 through Weird World) keeps hope alive as well. We’re gonna need it.