Obnox, “How to Rob (The Punk Years)”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 04.29.14 in Listen to This

The warped funk groove that stops-and-stalls behind Obnox’s “How to Rob (The Punk Years)” is a perfect reflection of the chaos in the lyrics. Sole member Lamont “Bim” Thomas delivers one takedown after another, going after inferior MCs with vigor and gusto. The song gets messier as it goes on — the groove stalls, gets buried beneath siren-like distortion and goes in and out of focus. And though the album from which it’s taken, Louder Space, is the first Thomas has recorded in an actual studio, all of the clamor and grit of previous releases has been gloriously retained. “How to Rob” is a snarling slab of curdled punk-funk.