NAH, “knelt over body”

Jayson Greene

By Jayson Greene

on 08.18.14 in Listen to This

NAH is the inscrutable recording name for drummer and electronic musician Mike Kuhn. Currently based in Brussels, Kuhn’s been steadily and quietly flooding his Bandcamp for the last year or so with busy, chaotic, interesting and slightly uncooked-feeling instrumentals, ones that feel cobbled together from corroded parts. He works with different bundles of sounds every time he releases material, sometimes with rappers and sometimes not, but you can hear a hint of repetitive mania kinking the edges of all of his work. Everything in NAH’s work is distorted and buried, and none of the drums knock right on center. “knelt on body,” like much of his music, feels like it’s one tic away from hardening into stasis, and it hits that “maddening/beguiling” sweet spot of much experimental music. The track is from his latest release, WOE, which can be found here.