Mila J, “Smoke, Drink, Breakup (L-Vis 1990 Remake)”

Claire Lobenfeld

By Claire Lobenfeld

on 08.21.14 in Listen to This

Mila J — Jhene Aiko’s non-hippie older sister — hardly cracked any Song of the Summer lists (except for mine!) with her breakout single “Smoke, Drink, Breakup,” but she should have. The Cire-produced original sounds like something unearthed from the Swing Mob archives, when DeVante was still coaching Timbaland. A number of iterations have floated out since its release in May: A French Montana remix here, a new version where Ty Dolla $ign smoothly steps in to sing about the other side of this unraveling relationship there. The track hinges mostly on bass, but what Night Slugs producer L-Vis 1990 does to it on his brand new remix takes the low end so deep, there is a sense of doom. It’s the treatment a song about a relationship that can only survive via intoxication deserves. Even the crystalline synths sound tragic.

Naturally, J’s Motown debut M.I.L.A. will tend toward the sound of the original, but at the hands of L-Vis, one can’t help but fantasize a world where Mila goes Kelela.