Merely, “Forever”

Marc Hogan

By Marc Hogan

Lead News Writer
on 07.28.14 in Listen to This

Now that Swedish rap has finally found an adoring American audience, it only figures that Merely, the singer for rap-laced, blissed-out Swedish-language group Team Rockit, would emerge on her own in a markedly different guise. The Sincerely Yours (ceo, JJthe Tough Alliance, Air France) artist stepped out earlier this year with the whispery origin-myth video for “Hypermemory,” with haunted-rave production in keeping with the cultish Gothenburg label. Then followed “Lava,” an ethereal beat ballad with day-glo synths and a monk-like backing vocal. Most enticing so far is “Forever,” piano-ornamented electro-pop with a tropical lilt and a broken, beating heart. The song shouldn’t surprise those who’ve been following Sincerely Yours, except perhaps to prompt an overdue revisit of Team Rockit’s two albums (2011′s 1988 and last year’s Anima), but its appeal needn’t be limited to the already-familiar: If countryman Yung Lean appeals to #sadboys, here Merely offers a more inclusive view of woozy melancholy.