Martyn & copeland, “Love of Pleasure”

J. Edward Keyes

By J. Edward Keyes

on 05.30.14 in Listen to This

Formerly one half of the duo Hype Williams, vocalist Inga Copeland has only become more fascinating and adventurous since going solo. Her 2103 mixtape “Higher Powers” was full of songs that were woozy and hallucinatory, wisps of synth curling around Copeland’s restrained, moody voice. The just-released “Because I’m Worth It” — recorded as simply ‘copeland’ — abstracts her sound even further, tending toward odd sonic collages comprised of willfully clashing tones. It’s a marvel. By contrast, her vocal work on this track by Dutch producer Martyn, is slightly more straightforward, but still incredibly potent. Martyn’s production clatters and undulates, leaving plenty of space for Copeland to soar gracefully above, delivering a kind of android R&B melody. It’s the latest installment in an increasingly intriguing career.